Return of the Tyrant

Session 45 and 46: The Horrible Soap Opera

It's OUR horrible soap opera, goddammit!

Our adventurers are now in the room with the black crystal. The crystal pulsates with necrotic energy, and it’s called a Lazarite focus, primarily used to allow the living to enter undeath. It would produce ghouls or wraiths, but nothing in the higher sphere of undead like liches. It has the ability to heal Nabila, buuuuuut it’s not portable.

Cleves goes up to check the door to the next room and falls right through it. The room is full of dozens of moldering relics (head pieces, wands, golden shackles, torture instruments) that used to belong to Tar-Baphon. They’re gold and jewel encrusted. We take them. The next room has some powdered mummy skin and a tea set. We reincarnate an acolyte to see what the stuff does. He turns into a male, moon elf, paladin of Zargos. We feed him the mummy skin, he says he feels stronger and then says something about Plaguegivers that Nabila finds offensive, so she death stares him. Thus wasting yet another charge of the wand, another body to take hits, another body to produce hits, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

We find some stairs heading to the basement of Renchurch, so we decide to go down. Cleves is in the lead because he’s our thief and does that hear noise, trap finding stuff. Karishma also hears noise and says it sounds like a door opening or closing. So what, right? SO WHAT? Cleves runs into a room full of ghoulish looking skeletal things in priest robes, and when it’s his turn to GTFO, what does Cleves do?

He pulls out the vorpal sword and FUCKING BOTCHES the first roll, instantly decapitating himself. It’s dark, right. Since Sindra is the only other person in the group with infravision, she sees Cleves’ head go flying from his body in slo-mo. Good fun. Warned him. So we fight those things and give the ole Wand of Reincarnation another chance. Cleves comes back to us as a female, half-ogress, lawful evil mage. Her name is Haglagl.

While all this stuff is going down, Ser Bolton asks Nabila if she feels all right. According to Ser B of O, Nabila’s disappearing like a ghost. Karishma chimes in and says she saw Vincente’s eyes turn red. Both the Aegecians disagree and argue for a while.

In another room we find this icky nasty black fluid that can be used to create a flesh golem. Haglagl takes a vial of it because why not? SO WHAT? The next chamber is a room full of fetid water with sealed urns lining the perimeter. Nabila screams and says she feels really cold. Cold in her chest. Even colder than her cold heart. Vincente doesn’t feel it. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

And in another room we find about a dozen acolytes sitting around getting high. So we ambush them. Haglagl dies. Nabila resurrects her via the recreational drug, silverweed.

Session 46 begins now.

While we’re resting up in the room where the druggies were, Karishma approaches Nabila with questions about becoming Aegecian. Karishma’s real father was a plaguegiver, and she thinks her father would be pleased with her if she became a plaguegiver, too. So Nabila pulls out the tracts, the magic mushroom tea, and they have a nice talk about Aegecia’s will. Then Sindra asks for some tea and bumbles to Jeb that she “more than likes” him and wanted to tell him before it was too late.

We also looted some stuff off the acolytes and found a coffer full of weapons and armor that Sindra recognized belonging to her baby brother Dipton. So now Sindra is worried about him, either he’s been turned undead or he’s still alive being tortured by their mother Nhilonia and Father D-bag.

Then we do more exploring, do more killing. We find a room full of very familiar looking (to Nabila and Sindra at least) undead who are out for revenge: Gibbs from Ravenhill, Septimus Ashcroft from Schwarzwald, Nina Tancreedi of Vogelbrucke, Burgomeister of Sudendorf, Ambrose Wickworth from Strawbourg, and Lord Lashvale of Verena.

After the battle, Nabila has another moment of chest pain and falls down screaming. She goes invisible, and this time Haglagl sees it. A little while later Nabila’s left hand flickers, and everyone sees it. Worried about what’s happening to her, Nabila decides to say a little prayer to Aegecia to find out what’s going on. Instead of getting the answer she wanted, Nabila explodes in a brilliant shimmering blue light.

Like this: Quantum leap

What appears in Nabila’s place is a woman that looks like the old Nabila before Nabs went all plaguelich-y. It’s Nabila’s sister, Deja. Deja and Sindra have a lot of words, mostly for the benefit of the party members who have no clue what’s going on. Deja is supposed to be dead, killed by the King’s Players after the portal to Carcosa opened in Vogelbrucke. But somehow Deja is not dead, but she thinks Nabila’s dead, and Nabila’s UNdead, which presents a problem, and EVERYONE’S BRAIN HURTS.

So it looks like Deja’s adventuring party, consisting of Rasetsu the Ninja from Ninjaland who was Ohda’s mortal enemy; Jumbo Burger (I shit you not) the dwarf, Roland and Theo, a halfling with two eyes named Isabelle, and Deja’s husband Orlando mark 1.

Karishma and Vincente disappear a little. What we deduce is that the deadly alliance of the Mother and Father are using the Weeping Woman’s Hourglass Effigy to alter time and stop Nabila from existing. Because Father D-bag really, really hates Nabila and Aegecia. And Nabila really, really hates Father Isambard and Flayne. So it all works out. We’ve gotta get this hourglass bad.

The DM mentions that Sindra feels a little crampy and might be a few days late. Sindra says nothing to anyone. Hah.

After resting up, we explore more rooms of the basement. For some reason Ser Bolton decides to go apeshit and runs off into this room full of bones and a lot of icky nasty gross other things. He runs right into a giant demon called Balor. Tar-Baphon apparently summoned it a long time ago, and it’s been hanging around Renchurch waiting for stuff to eat, people to kill. Vincente nearly shits himself from fright. We have to rescue Ser Bolton, so we do our best to hurt the demon, but nothing seems to be doing any damage.

Then Sindra pulls out a magic scroll and casts Limited Wish. She tells Balor to become her ally, and then she banishes him to his home plane to never return. After Balor disappears, she falls to her knees, noticing some blood around her lower midsection. The spell aged her nine years, and she miscarried her and Jeb’s baby that she didn’t even know she was lugging around everywhere. She tells Jeb, and he gives Ser Bolton “the crazy man” the what for for spawning that hell demon.

Ser Bolton denies everything, denies going crazy and needing a head for his ship. But Ser Bolton realizes that something is wrong with him finally and he has to atone for his badness. So Jeb makes Ser B perform a wedding ceremony for him and Sindra right there in the midst of all that filth and demon detritus. So it’s all good, right? Renegade drow wild mage marries a human mountain man with a big beard, and her mother is somewhere in this dungeon to meet her daughter and son-in-law. VINCENTE CRIES! He loves weddings. He pulls Karishma under his wing and lectures her on proper Aegecian rites and rituals.

We run into an iron golem, some explody skeletons, more undead thingies, and that’s it.


Tar-Baphon’s personal effects — four ceremonial headpieces with gems, four gold and gem encrusted wands, golden shackles, gold and gem encrusted torture instruments
four doses of powdered mummy skin
bone beads
Dipton Everhafin’s stuff — suit of drow chainmail +1
drow piwafwi cloak
drow longsword +3
fire tooth dagger +3 (1d2 fire damage)
platinum necklace
spirit board silver planchette
ring of warmth



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