Return of the Tyrant

Session 44: The Grave Robbing Half-Elf

You better stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down.

After our adventurers battle the ghouls, we interrogate the survivor. Nabila is convinced he has ghoul cooties, and she tries her best to set him on fire. His name is Cleves and he’s a tomb raider. He likes raiding tombs because 1.) it’s lucrative and 2.) the people are dead and aren’t going to try to reclaim their stuff. But Rebuttal A) he’s never adventured with our party before because the dead seem to come back to life around us.

Cleves tells us that he saw a man in a wheelchair and a drow female talking about a powerful artifact they acquired. They lost interest in Cleves and sent him away to become seasoned ghoul kibble, while their acolytes willingly used a strange black crystal to turn themselves into undead creatures.

We do a little bit of exploring around the cathedral but not too much. A hallway lined with skulls tries to suck the air out of us. Nabila wanders down the hall with her bag o’heads, and those skulls begin to try to crush her, even though she can’t breathe in the first place, so we have to take her precious bag away from her and put it outside.

We find a number of skulls with their jaws missing, a sign that the Whispering Way has been at work. At some point we discuss how Vincente and Nabila’s eyes have flashed red whilst in the abbey, but they deny it. Paranoia strikes deep/into your life it will creep/it starts when you’re always afraid/step outta line, the man comes and takes you away.

While exploring one furnished room, we find a lantern radiating magic. Karishma checks out the lamp and a severely dressed noble appears. He calls himself the Chamberlain, and he works for the Gray Friar. The Gray Friar doesn’t like trespassers or much of anything. The Chamberlain tries to convince Karishma she needs to become an undead servant and a fight ensues.

In one room Cleves finds some acolytes sitting around the black crystal in these torture-looking chairs, taking in the rays of negative energy. He quickly shuts the door, which happens to squeak like a mofo, alerting the acolytes to our presence. At Cleves frantic gesturing, we run back to the room with the magic lantern and fight a bunch of acolytes and mummies.


lantern with Continual Light spell
powdered mummy skin (mummy blow/narcotic)
five vials of wasp venom
potion of extra healing
ring of protection +1
dagger with jeweled hilt — a ruby, worth 50-75 gp



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