Return of the Tyrant

Session 43: The Weeping Woman

A lover's tale and a dragon's tail

We find our adventurers traveling farther into the mountains to get to Renchurch. As we travel, we find a cave that has another one of those magic archways in front of it. The cave reeks, but Nabila is determined to go inside because the Oracle told her to. After much debating, we enter the cave. Inside the cave is a motherfucking black dragon that wants to eat us but doesn’t. The dragon is badly injured with festering wounds all over it. Sindra asks the dragon who injured it so badly, and the dragon responds Xzazherrazdun (Draconic language check FTW!), a legendary red dragon. Our dragon is called Hagsmouth. The swamp where the Aegecian shrine is located was named after her husband, who is dead thanks to an insane beholder.

Hagsmouth throws a bag at Nabila and tells her to brew a magical tea that will take us to a far away place. The party gets stoned out of their minds and then awakens later in a strange place that is definitely not on the prime material plane. We see a statue of a woman holding her face in her hands — we recognize the statue as the Weeping Woman. Then we talk to her. She used to be one of the main gods in the pantheon until Dagonor took her veil and tried to erase her from time because he wants control of time himself. Now she’s merely a myth and has to hide her face. But we don’t know if it’s, like, because she’s ugly or whatever, but we didn’t see her face.

The Weeping Woman tells us she has tried to contact us for a long time, through Oleander’s dreams. Her words are “your lover Oleander” and Nabila is like LOLWTFBBQ? because she doesn’t love him. SHE SAYS SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM, but he sure loves her. HOW SWEET!

We learn that Adivion Adrissant is a demon, called “He Who Shall Not Be Named.” Tar-Baphon is an aspect of the Demon. After the demon was destroyed by the Gods of Light, he fell through time and the fall split him in two. Part of him collided with the start of history, which is Tar-Baphon, and the other part landed several hundred years later as Adivion Adrissant. (Which is why Adrissant’s tomb in Ravenhill was empty because DUDE HAD NO FAMILY BECAUSE HE IS A DEMON!) In order for Tar-Baphon to be reunited with his other half, he allowed himself to lose the battle against Haggar’s holy crusaders. If Adrissant and Tar-Baphon become one, they will cause really unspeakable and horrible things to happen and destroy the universe. And unfortunately for us, they have already joined up. Hence, mutated animals, wild weather, Dark Young trees, stuff that’s so bad that gods who would normally not have anything to do with each other are having shouting matches in the Great Hall about what to do. The laws of the universe are changing, and Mara (the goddess) is on the brink of destruction.

Adivion Adrissant waits for us and seeks an audience with us for his final play. Great. More plays.

The Weeping Woman has a means for us to stop the Tyrant. A deadly alliance of Mother and Father (Sindra’s mother and Father Isambard?) have ransacked the Weeping Woman’s shrine and taken an artifact from her called the Hourglass Effigy. The effigy allows the wielder to bend the laws of time. The Alliance wants to barter with the Tyrant Tar-Baphon/Adrissant/He Who Must Not Be Named by using his hourglass. It is our job to stop them.

Nabila has been tasked to use the Hourglass Effigy because she is the only person ruthless enough to do what needs to be done. Nabila will know when to use it and then to destroy it, as it is too powerful to remain in anyone’s hands.

After being tasked with our duties, the scene changes and we’re back hanging out with the black dragon who lets us gather some puss and dragon scales. Briefly we entertain the idea of asking her to come along with us so we can kill that red dragon together, but Hagsmouth is too injured to be of much assistance. The red dragon is still around, so we must be careful. Hagsmouth tells us about the Witch Gates, which are the magical archways we’ve encountered along the mountain path. They are teleportation devices that the Whispering Way used to get around. They are also perception filters that use powerful illusion magic (similar to the spell used to make Marrathion look like a ruin and not a tower that’s been rebuilt) to make the area around them look different. (Think of perception filters like cell phone towers that broadcast illusions over an entire area.)

We use a Witch Gate, which takes us to the ruined remains of an old monastery. Running the perimeter of the monastery walls are hundreds, possibly thousands, of sharp bloodstained blades, and some are even attached to the roof of the cathedral. This bothers Ser Bolton a lot. Have we found Renchurch?

Nightmare f cano

We explore the area, finding a stable full of Nightmare horses that kick our arses. Then we find some mutilated elf remains in a wagon, and we dig through the remains to find a nifty magic crossbow and some bolts. Sindra has a wild surge and becomes “extremely drunk.” We enter the cathedral. We find bloodstains along the floor, a bunch of ghouls eating bodies, and a half elf we rescue for some reason. Ser Bolton snuffs it, but we resurrect him with a scroll. The end.


a compendium of antiquated and anachronistic medical treatments (worth 200gp to the right buyer)
crossbow, undead bane +1 to ATK and DMG to undead
20 silver crossbow bolts



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