Return of the Tyrant

Session 42: Lord Fancypants and His Fight to Inevitable Death

You must whip it. Whip it good.

As our adventurers make their way to the abandoned trollslayers camp, the weather takes strange turns. One day it’s a winter storm, the next it’s thunder and lightning. Finally we arrive at the camp. From a watchtower, several drow aim crossbows at us. Though most of the drow soldiers hanging around are VERY happy to see Nabila. There are a few humans in the camp, and some dwarves, but most of the population is made up of drow.

A familiar voice greets them — it’s Spud! He’s so totally alive, though he hasn’t aged well cos he’s lost a lot of hair and he’s kinda pudgy. Nabila makes sure not to mention her homemade, from scratch biscuits (with plague) around him. Sindra hugs Spud but his eyes fall on the alluring Karishma, and he follows her around everywhere.

Sindra wants to go to the drow headquarters to see her brother. The guard, named Alethas Everhafin, will not let her him. He calls Sindra a whore and a renegade and smarts off that on the surface they are equals and he won’t take any lip from her. She gets angry and leaves.

At this point the party splits up. Karishma is off with Spud (unwillingly) learning about the potato trick that gave him his name. Ser Bolton goes to the watering hole and a commoner asks him questions and asks for help in sentencing crimes. Ser Bolton the justicar loves this and happily assists. Sindra and Nabila go to the main command center to find Oleander and Uhlsolg Everhafin.

On the way to the tent, a plaguegiver in front of a blackboard is teaching children about Aegecia. Nabila is happier’n a pig in slop at this scene. Then THE DM! makes Sindra smile at the children and they all run off in fear.

In the command tent we see Oleander wearing his wight armor and a bad ass looking cloak. He’s grown a beard. Instead of Nabila running up to him and kissing him, she’s hostile to him. He reprimands her about the gangbang with 50 drow soldiers. Vincente stands up for her, and Nabila, in turn, stands up for Vincente.

During the heated conversation, Uhlsolg butts in and asks about the Dark Fate. We gladly hand it over. Oleander tells Nabila that he killed King Turin by “pulling a Nabila” by cutting off the King’s head. (At this point there are so many homages to Nabila that Oleander’s practically telling her he’s in looooooove with her. And yes, it is a female who writes these adventure logs, so get over it.) He says he gave part of Volkstadt and the entire Moonwood to Rualoth Everhafin where she will rule as queen. Nabila is not keen on this and she berates Oleander. Oleander places his face in his hands, and Uhlsolg gets out of there before the lovers’ quarrel can escalate further.

Sindra takes over the conversation and asks Oleander a lot of questions. 1.) About the Obelisk — it’s the mage tower in the north. Clerical magic has found a way to work, despite the antimagic zone Sindra surged. He says Brother Jalthor? is up there growing purple lotus and doing all sorts of hedonistic things. 2.) As for the Oracle, Oleander is hesitant to tell Nabila about her. A spirit of Aegecia has taken over the body of a female. She rarely speaks but Oleander takes great counsel from her. 3.) Oleander found Spud in Schwarzwald — said he’s a good fighter but he’s dumb as a box of rocks. 4.) The Shadow Conjunction was Professor Elias’ idea, somehow he knew what Adrissant was going to do and tried to prepare for it before he was murdered at Harrowstone Prison. 5.) His son, Corben Elias, is at the camp, and Tres is following him around everywhere. Sindra is NOT pleased with this. Oleander had to use charm magic on Tres to get her to leave him alone.

We tell Oleander about Renchurch. He says we are going in opposite directions. They are headed to Amaranth to fight a death knight known as Ser Nero, who used to be in Daven Sulluven’s goody-goody adventure party. Before we leave the tent, Oleander reminds Nabila that they have a date. They’re going to kill Valdis, who is hiding in a pocket plane right under the gods’ nose between Tartarus and Pandemonium.

Next we go to see the Oracle. She says she was expecting us, she’s got her crystal balls and tarot cards, telephone, fake Caribbean accent, and probably some newt eyes stored around somewhere. She is dressed in robes and has her face covered. She gives us gifts. She says servants of Dagonor have stalked us through the shadows. The Hounds of Tindalos target us for actions we have yet to commit.

Karishma (who left Spud at the watering hole) joins us and asks about her father. His name is Gunthur Nerium. He was a plaguegiver. We’re all one big happy plaguegiving family here! Before we leave, the Oracle grabs Nabila by the arm and whispers something to her.

After that incense-filled ordeal ends, we go to the watering hole. A blond haired man in fancy silks want to join up with the Tattered Cloaks. He hands Nabila a patch full of purple lotus leaves, which might have been a symbol of Golgoroth buuuuut no one paid attention to it. His name is Lord Easton Lashvale of Verena. Nabila asks him what he can do, so he pulls out a whip, slaps some random bar patron up the head, and totally kills the guy. Nabila says he’s in. He says he will be bringing his manservant Porter with him. Good, two new party members!

Meanwhile, Sindra has been telling everyone that it’s her birthday. She expects to have a small party later. Jeb gives her a gift of beautifully crafted wooden tarot cards. So they have a conversation and drinking contest. Lord Lashvale (a servant of Golgoroth, hello!) joins them. Jeb botches his CON check and falls over unconscious after drinking drow wine. Sindra and Lashvale tie. Then Sindra fails her CON check. Lashvale wins. Nabila tells him to dance on the table since Sindra is passed out. Lashville tells Nabila he won’t take such talk from her, and then he leaves, with Porter behind him.

This is really not a good thing. Ser Bolton is determined to see justice done for the poor commoner who got whipped and killed. Nabila and Ser Bolton go outside to fight Lord Lashvale and Porter. Naturally our team is victorious, but as at cost: we must GTFO of the trollslayer camp before we have a drow army on our hands. Sindra didn’t get to have her party, we didn’t get to go shopping for magic items, and Nabila leaves Oleander a note at HQ saying “Sorry.” No new party members join us, other than Spud.

As we run for our lives, we head toward Renchurch. We encounter a gem-encrusted obsidian arch. Underneath the arch, the ground is scorched, and the trees nearest the arch are gnarly. Ravens sit atop the arch. It’s radiating magic and somehow used for teleportation, though none of us are willing to try it out. So we sidestep and keep going.

Thick fog. A fire. Four people sitting around the fire. They are the knight protectors of Haggar at Renchurch. They have no idea what year it is, they don’t trust us, Sindra tries to get a gypsy to fortune tell with her tarot cards - CHILD OF THE PARADOX!- and stuff happens. Eventually they let us pass.

For some reason, Sindra wild surges between leaving the Knights and going deeper into the mountains. Her skin turns to steel for 1d6 rounds.

We see a village on the horizon. As we approach we see that the buildings have been burned. Large barrows have been excavated or have collapsed. Smoke rises from charred remnants of a wagon. Karishma sees gypsies and runs to help them. They are illusions. Four ogres, three giants, and one ugly hag covered in boils and warts. They attack, and we are victorious.



scroll of restoration
scroll of resurrection
wyvern whip +2, save vs. poison or take additional 5 pts. damage
shortsword +2
cloak of protection +2
ring of regeneration, 1 HP per round
boots of avoidance, +5 AC vs. missiles
Clan Lashvale chainmail armor +2, 25% resistance to magical damage, 100% resistance to charm magic (must be used by a member of the Lashvale family ONLY)
30pp 60gp
6 orange carnelions — 50gp each
2 light pink rhodocrosite — 10gp each



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