Return of the Tyrant

Session 41: "How do you know she's a witch?"

"She turned me into a newt! ...I got better."

We find our adventurers in the abbey’s la-bore-a-tor-y facing more mercenaries and Ms. Hetna Dublisse herself, who, for some reason, is not a vampire but a witch. A free witch, baby, with a stereotypical witches’ broom and probably a hairy wart or two. Nabila takes her head, and then we loot.

In the laboratory we find a cauldron full of bubbling dark reddish liquid: half completed Blood Brew Elixir. We can’t find a recipe. Then we head into a library where we are attacked with invisible stalkers and we find some magic books. First is the Blood Magic Libram and the second is the Dublisse Sisters’ Grimoire, which includes a recipe for BBE, a recipe for Elixir of Youth, and some scrolls of PoE. After much debating about whether or not we should learn the formula for BBE, we hear some nasty growling which tells us we probably shouldn’t cross a 3,000 year old vampire.

Upon returning to Schloss Ustlav, we meet Luvick for a nice chat and exchange. He has his BBE recipe, and we now have the Dark Fate. Luvick tells us where to go to find the Gallowspire and Adivion Adrissant (hopefully): Renchurch in the western Iron Reaches.

The Dark Fate is a rod that acts like a Rod of Lordly Might. It’s an intelligent weapon, neutral evil, and makes dark and lightblindness not a problem, which is great for vampires and drow, hence why the drow wanted it. It also makes any sort of elf who gets smacked by the +2 mace make a saving throw vs. death. Yeah, that’s why the drow REALLY wanted it.

Some gypsies ask us about Ramsey and Ruxandra. Nabila dryly tells them that R&R were two young people in love and escaped during the night. Good thinking, Nabs. Beats the truth and getting our butts kicked by some angry gyppos.

Before we leave the gypsy camp, Nabila decides to do some scrying. Something frightening happens instead — Hounds of Tindalos appear. The hounds are after both Nabila and Karishma. Karishma does the wise thing and rope tricks into her own little plane to GTFO. Sindra has a wild surge and accidentally turns Ser Bolton’s fancy shield into a flower basket.

After we all manage to survive the hound attack, Sindra and Nabila get into a girl fight, with Sindra eventually winning and slaps a stoneskin off Nabila. Then she casually walks away.


dagger +1
two potions of extra healing
ring of protection +3
belt of incredible DEX +3
witching gown
wand of hold undead 5 charges
broom of flying
five longswords +1
39 crossbow bolts +1
coral, 100gp
Blood Magic Libram (allows reader free Occultism proficiency)
Dublisse Sisters’ Grimoire
recipe for Elixir of Youth
four scrolls of protection from evil



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