Return of the Tyrant

Session 39: Tying Up Loose Ends

Things happen.

Nabila scrys. Ends up catatonic. She refuses to say anything to anyone after the shock wears off, even her BFF Sindra. All Nabila says is that we must go to Schloss Ustlav and find Ohda. Of course he’s not dead. Why would anyone we’ve killed stay dead?

We travel to Schloss Ustlav. The weather was snowy at one point but it has since changed to rain and thunderstorms. We come to a stone bridge. An armored figure riding atop a dark, impossibly black horse that snorts fire and has fiery hooves. The figure dismounts from the horse and we find out it’s a woman who looks strangely like Daven Sulluven’s sister. She unsheathes a black sword with glowing red runes that speaks. We shall not pass, the sword tells us.

Well, horse and rider and sword are in the way, so we get rid of them. During the fight a familiar figure approaches and joins in. Why, it’s Ser Bolton of Oxburgh and his trusty steed Norris! Ser Bolton explains to us that he’s been after Father D-bag for quite some time. The Church of Flayne has been corrupted and its followers brainwashed. Suddenly the Church has a whole lot of money and magical artifacts. A drow matron and a slave ring seem to be involved. Ser Bolton tried to warn the Church in Oxburgh, but the corrupted Flayne-ites arrived first and subsequently told fibs and got Ser B kicked out. Vincente examines Ser B’s shield and the emblem is for an obscure aspect of Haggar known as the Flame of Justice, who is a more militant version of Haggar. Ser Bolton joins us.

Upon looting Davinia’s corpse, Armando makes grabby hands at a Girdle of Cloud Giant Strength. But a botched Bardic Lore roll means it’s actually a Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity, and Armando puts it on and becomes Alejandra. This arouses the Mountain Man and makes Sindra jealous because now she has competition for Jeb’s affections.

We continue to Schloss Ustlav. The castle has been ruined. We discover a gypsy camp on the castle grounds. The castle is “safe from the dead who walk the night.” Some women shrink away from the party and cross themselves. A man in dark wrappings of a ninja warrior throws a dagger to the ground. Oh, boy. It’s Ohda. He withdraws a ninjato and threatens us. A caravan door opens and a deathly pale child appears: it’s Eliza from Grunberg. She made Ohda her pet, a ghoul with his tongue cut out because he talked too much. Eliza says they have the Dark Fate, but they — the vampires — need it, too. She tells us that we can speak to the elder in the castle, Luvick Siervage. Luvick helped defeat Tar-Baphon and his army 600 years ago. He could prove to be a valuable ally.

During the night, Ramsey decides to spend all the gold that Nabila gifted him on booze and whores. The next morning he has a young girl hanging all over him. She says he will be a wonderful husband. He doesn’t remember getting married, he doesn’t remember her name even, but to keep the peace with the gypsies, Nabila welcomes her into the family. Her name is Ruxandra, and she has thiefly skills.

In the basement of Schloss Ustlav, we visit Luvick Siervage. He is a handsome gentleman in his late 40s. He tells us the Dark Fate would allow the vampires to daywalk. He explains that the Kindred (all the vampires) are in trouble. Adivion Adrissant is slaying all the vampires and using up living beings to fuel his necroforge and expand his undead army. Adrissant is basically destroying the vampires’ food supply. Two witches known as Aisa and Hetna Dublesse are working for Adrissant by creating what’s known as the Bloodbrew Elixir, a toxic, dangerous blood-based drug that controls vampires and removes their free will. Adrissant lured a vampire called Radvir Giovanni into working for him as a vampire assassin. Radvir was formerly a friend of Luvick’s. If we destroy Radvir, Aisa and Hetna, and destroy the Bloodbrew Elixir, then Luvick will give us the Dark Fate and show us the way to Adrissant’s HQ, the Gallowspire. He also adds that once the Elixir is gone, he will bless any of us with vampirism. Vincente’s eyes bug out.

Our next step is to go to the Abbey of Sante Lymirin where the baddies are holed up. Lymirin used to be a divine servant of Delora. The clergy just up and abandoned the abbey, and later it was purchased and converted into a winery and warehouse. We poke our way around outside, discover a grape vineyard that has been recently harvested, and make our way inside to hunt some vampires.

Gideon the talking sword
2 potions extra healing
Girdle of M/F
platemail +2
nymph-hair crossbow +1
cloak of protection +1
large shield +1, +4 vs. missiles, 20% chance to negate magic missiles
ring of feather falling
ring of free action
122gp 55sp
28 +1 crossbow bolts
3 longswords +1
70gp 34sp 90cp



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