Return of the Tyrant

Session 35: Into the Tiger's Mouth

Threesomes, belly dancing, male prostitutes, and a body hopping plague lich

We find our adventurers on their way to Tvashti. Once they arrive, they notice the city is crowded, but people avoid us. It’s very hot, too. Karishma leads us to a park with a majestic temple, the University. It’s dedicated to the god of science and technology, Tavastri. Nabila doesn’t think she should go in, being an undead evil priestess and all, so she decides to wander around outside.

An elderly man in golden robes with a shaved head greets us. He speaks to Karishma as if he knows her personally. She asks him about the tiger statue. He says we can enter the temple if we donate a magical item. Sindra thinks if she donates to the temple she should get a brick with her name on it to go in the courtyard, as you do when you’re a philanthropist. Dude doesn’t understand, so we give him the spirit board instead. He seems happy with it. Inside we see students all around studying magic and stuff.

Karishma spots Pacqui, a friend and professor at the university. He tells Karishma he’s been doing lots of paperwork and wishes that she would join the university. She shows him our tiger statue and he shows us to his office. Where did we get it? We found it on a young woman running through the jungle. He knew her. Her name was Tiga, she was his apprentice. She secretly worked with the dark sisters. He asks us what we know about Ravana’s Bane, and we tell him a whole lot of nothing. It’s not a sword, but it’s a silver crossbow bolt. And we’re holding it. Pacqui found Ravana’s Bane on an expedition. It was powerful and he was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands, so he had it reshaped into the tiger figurine. Tiga must have known about it and stole it. In order to have the crossbow bolt reforged, we have to visit Copa the blacksmith. He will reshape the bolt for no charge.

Pacqui tells us about Arajani. He is a master of illusion, a rakshasa. He has no known weaknesses, although he has a soft spot for his mother, Mahiji who is the high priestess of Kali. He is fond of his mother and she could be a weakness. Kali is the goddess of darkness and destruction, the major goddess in the pantheon. She has four arms, and she’s a warrior. Ravana is the god of the rakshasa, Arajani’s father. He used his godlike powers to become an avatar, an assassin in Kali’s temple. Mahiji took him in and they made evil babies. Arajani was shunned by the other children in the sandbox because of his half-divine parentage, thus he grew up with a major chip on his shoulder. Ravana is dead because Arajani killed him and then mated with his mother. Ick. If Arajani is destroyed, the mists will disappear, though no one really knows for sure. Jahed and the lycanthrope Stalkers believe there is no moon in Sri Raji because of Arajani’s power. Pacqui warns us to be careful. We should enjoy ourselves this evening because we may not survive the battle with Arajani.

So while we were in the temple, Nabila got herself hung. A stranger, an outsider, wandering around aimlessly outside, alone. Looking for a cheeseburger. She got herself a new body. Vincente just admires the pants off her (well, on her actually). Nabila takes a moment to try to convert him to the Aegecian order because having no rules is awesome, unlike that stupid Jhannis temple that ostracized him. Vincente asks Karishma if Tvashti has any prostitutes available. Nabila, in her infinite wisdom, hands Vincente some gold and tells him to go to town.

We head to the blacksmith’s shop. Copa is a master smithy, a big hulking guy with a fearful expression on his face as we enter. He draws the curtains. He doesn’t want to reforge the statue but he will as long as we provide proper compensation. His tools were destroyed the first time he forged the crossbow bolt into the statuette. After hours of toil and sweat, Copa presents us with one, lone, solitary, shiny crossbow bolt.

Nighttime arrives and we take Pacqui’s advice and have some fun. We find a seedy bar that serves us drinks and doesn’t care about our outsider status. Vincente is off in a room with his young male friend, and Sindra gets a room. Armando le Pew tries to seduce her, but she tells him that he’ll have to go through Jeb over there. Armando is undaunted and challenges Jeb to an arm wrestling match, which has Sindra thrilled that men are fighting over her. Jeb wins the first round, Armando the second, and the third round sees them tied. So Sindra takes both of them to bed. Woo woo! Meanwhile Big Betty takes some dancing lessons from Karishma and entertains Granick while wearing a special outfit just for him.

Fat belly dancer

The next day we make our way to Bahru. We arrive after several days of travelling through the jungle. Bahru used to be a busy, bustling city but it’s ruined now. There’s a temple in the middle of the ruins, the only intact structure. Nabila loves the place. We take cover and wait for nightfall. We hear the sounds of crumbling rocks all around us, like a small animal scurrying in the rubble. Granick doesn’t feel comfortable, and the hair on his neck is standing up. Someone is staring at him, and he wants them to stop. Nabila casts Detect Spirit and the first Kelvin appears. He’s sad; he can say nothing. Nabila flashes her boobs at him and he disappears. Granick is still uncomfortable.

As night falls, Betty decides to take a walk. Bad idea, Betty. As we come to find out, Betty has a lot of bad ideas floating around in her tiny little brain. Nabila casts Hold Person on her to get her to stop. A giant snakelike creature pops out from underneath her. The head is almost humanlike, and it stinks of rotting flesh. We kill it and drag Betty back. When Hold Person wears off, Betty tells us she needed to “take a dookie.” She goes to do that while singing “I love Granick, I love Granick” complete with handclaps.

Temple entrance

There are large bronze doors set in the gaping jaws of a stone tiger as an entrance to the temple The tiger head is marble and the eyes are large glittering emeralds. Betty, our resident thief, uses her climb wall skillz and tries to pry off an emerald from the tiger’s eye sockets. The eye glows with a shimmering green light. Suddenly Betty doesn’t want to be up there anymore, and she safely climbs down. Granick pushes the doors open, and the tiger eyes light up. A gust of wind from the temple blows against him. It smells like rotten meat.

We decide to rest up for the night, but we are disturbed by some dark sisters who apparently didn’t appreciate our game of Ding Dong Ditch. During the battle, Sindra wild surges. A cloud of poisonous gas appears. Armando is held and is coup de grace’d by a sista. We rest after the battle. Then the next day we go into the temple.


Tiga = Tega. And Copa = Kopa.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Session 35: Into the Tiger's Mouth


Session 35: Into the Tiger's Mouth

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